Happy Clients.

I truly thank Bill O’Connor and Apex for saving my life. I am a long-term client at Apex. My health and has changed dramatically since I started with Bill. The atmosphere is so friendly, and the trainers are so knowledgeable that it makes the hard work that I do there something that I look forward to. I highly recommend Apex to anyone who really wants to feel better than they thought possible and have a long, active life.

– Apex Client

I have been a  client at Apex for 14 years. What I like about Apex is the atmosphere of health and energy of the whole gym regardless of where people are on their path to their goals.

My trainer, Bill O’Connor, always has a variety of creative yet intense weights based workouts. It has given me maintenance for my health, muscle tone and stress reduction for years.

On a personal note, my extended family history has genes for living a long and healthy life (95+ years). I am planning on the weight training to supplement a long and healthy life for me!

– Denise

I love working out with Pat at Apex.  The workouts have good variety, but yet somehow, always include good core strength exercise, and multiple muscle groups.  If I had the time, I’d go everyday!

– Michael

Quinn is a master of his trade–personal training. I have had the pleasure of working with him over the last year and a half! He has been able to effectively align my goals with my capabilities and obstacles. Quinn proactively and positively challenging me to take one more step, push for one more rep, and go a bit longer have made all the difference in my fitness journey.

– Brian

I was a bit worried about starting to exercise since I’m far from thin or muscular. I got up the courage to call Apex and they were so nice. I have been going to see my personal trainer for about eight months now, and I have never felt uncomfortable, and everyone there has been really encouraging. I have finally found an exercise routine I can stick with. Plus, I love knowing I’m getting stronger, I can see it every time I increase weights!

– Michelle

Small gym, big results.  There is a camaraderie among the members even though we are all doing our own workouts with our own trainers.  One of the few gyms I have ever joined where it feels like they truly care that you showed up.

– Peggy