Meet our Team.


Over 25 years ago we recognized the urgent need for a greater level of education and certification in the field of personal training.  Many trainers preach the benefits of the latest fads and schemes in exercise and nutrition.  Usually the trainers believe in these fads themselves.

This results in ineffective or dangerous recommendations for the trusting clientele of the trainers.


As a result, at Apex we require all trainers to be degreed and certified by the highest level certification organizations that exist in our business.  Apex only utilizes training methods which are extremely effective and have undergone rigorous scientific scrutiny both in the laboratory and in real world application.

We stay up to date on the latest science in the field of health and fitness to provide the best for you. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  Our facility is clean, and our equipment is top notch.  You’ll find our training methods work extremely well.


We believe in our methods, and we trust that you will too.

We have been the leader in personal fitness training for over 25 years because of our clients’ success.

We invite you to try out our facility, and if you don’t believe that we have the most qualified and attentive staff possible, or that you cannot get the results that you want, then the first workout is on us.