What Should I Eat

Our clients often ask us, “What should I eat?” In fact, this question is so common, we want to take a few minutes to answer it. For many of us, we were taught at a young age what we should eat and what we should steer away from. What’s more, a new diet seems to pop up every other month. These diets often eliminates whole portions of the food pyramid we learned as kids.

So, how do you know what’s ok and what’s off limits?

Lucky for us, our friends at Precision Nutrition put together this infographic that breaks it all down. It’s posted at the gym, and we’re sharing it here for you as a handy reference.

How to Read the Infographic

The purpose of the guide is to show you how to make healthier nutrition choices by determining the best foods for your body, your goals, and your taste buds.

It includes a three-step process to help you create a customized healthy-eating menu in no time. The best part – nothing is off limits!

This guide aims to show you that you can eat anything, but you need to pay attention to categories. They break it up as:

  • Eat more, eat some, eat less.

Their goal is progress not perfection. Along with us, this guide encourages you to eat a little bit better every day while having a healthy mix of carbs, proteins, fruits and veggies, and fats. The ultimate goal is to help you improve your food choices.

So, here it is, the “What Should I Eat Guide?” from Precision Nutrition.Infographic