Athlete Training.

At APEX, we specialize with athletes on every level. Our current and past athletes range from Junior High all the way through the Division 1 Collegiate level and beyond.

APEX has clients competing in an array of Division 1 sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball. Many more are at colleges all over the country such as Kansas State University, The University of Kansas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State University and others.

Our focus on athletic development is unique and centered around the individuals’ athletic performance, specific sport(s), and injury prevention. Our goal is to help the athlete achieve the highest level of success.

At APEX, we take advantage of the many unique and custom machines, free weights, and other training tools developed to achieve your individual goals.

Our Olympic weight lifting station provides the opportunity to practice for the power and strength requirements of all sports. The wide variations of cardio equipment allow us to train interval and endurance cardio in all sports. We take advantage of different testing equipment to thoroughly measure your progress to ensure we achieve our target objectives or adapt accordingly.

In addition, throughout the years we have trained numerous athletes who have gone on to receive full ride scholarships to play sports.