The Importance of Doing Nothing

Are you constantly busy? Between work, kids, family, working out, more work, too little sleep and much too much electronic media, do you ever take time to be still?

In this article, we look at the importance of doing nothing. While it’s good to get things done and checked off your list, your brain is suffering from overload. Are you so effective that you don’t give yourself time to be still? Read more

Exercise for Your Heart

Did you know that nearly 2,300 Americans die each day from cardiovascular disease? That’s one death every 38 seconds. You may even know someone affected by heart disease and stroke.

But, we can change that.

Since we’re in the middle of American Heart Month, it’s time to focus on your heart and doing the right things to keep it healthy.

In this article, we look at exercise for your heart and how you can prevent heart disease. Read more