How to Boost Your Energy Level

Energy drain hits everyone at one time or another. You know the day we’re talking about – the one where you go, go, go without stopping. Or, perhaps it’s the day following a sleepless night.

When you lack energy, you may not feel like going to the movies, let alone working out. If you are having a hard time revving up for a workout, or even just your normal day, you might have low-grade energy drain.

While you might not have full blown exhaustion going on, you are so tired and lacking in energy, you may lack your usual get up and go attitude. So, what do you do?

In this article, we look at 10 ways you can boost your energy, so you feel great each and every day.

#1: Take Charge of Your Stress

Did you know that stress is a huge energy-zapper?

Bust stress and regain your energy. Exercise, talking with a friend, playing with your pet, yoga, soaking in a hot tub, and meditation are powerful stress-relieving tools.

#2: Exercise

One of the best things you can do is keep exercising. Why? When you exercise, you sleep better. And, when you sleep better, you have more energy.

Exercise helps your body release stress hormones as well, which makes you feel more energized.

If you’re new to exercise, start with a brisk walk around your neighborhood. When you’re ready to start an exercise regimen, contact a personal trainer who can guide you and help create a plan for you that meets your needs and your goals.

#3: Reduce Your Work Load

Work can also wipe out your energy reserves. If you’re overworked, you may feel exhausted.

Yet, it’s not only work that can deplete your energy. Family, social and other professional obligations can also do it. Learn to say yes to the most important tasks and no to the others. Set your priorities and stick with them.

Consider asking for help when you need it.

#4: Watch Sleep Patterns

You may know that getting to little sleep makes you exhausted, but so does getting too much.

Know how much sleep you actually need and do your best to stick to a routine every night of the week.

Naps are also a good idea. One study by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that a 60-minute power nap can help reverse the effects of information overload, and help you retain things you’ve learned. Overall, a nap can help boost your energy. Just make sure it isn’t interrupting your nighttime sleep.

Your goal is to sleep soundly the entire time you’re in bed. How much is enough for you? It depends. Keep a sleep diary so you can see what works best for you.

#5: Stay Hydrated

Water does so much more than keep you hydrated. And, if you’re dehydrated, you are certain to lack energy. Make sure to drink enough water every day to keep your energy levels up.


#6: Plan Your Meals

You can eat for energy, and this especially important if you’re trying to boost your energy, or if you’re training.

It’s a good rule of thumb to eat several small meals and some snacks each day instead of three large ones. If you spread your food throughout your day, you will find you have more energy because you have a steady supply of nutrients.

You can also boost your energy with foods like whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, berries and nuts.

When it comes to caffeine, manage its energizing effects. It can cause insomnia when you drink large amounts of it after 2 pm.

#7: Eat Magnesium

While we mentioned eating a balanced diet, you can add magnesium if you’re feeling really exhausted.

Magnesium can help you break glucose down into energy. The recommended daily intake of magnesium is around 300 milligrams for women and 350 milligrams for men.

It’s found naturally in almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, whole grains, bran cereal and fish.

#8: Cut Down on Alcohol

Sure, alcohol may help you fall asleep, but it doesn’t help you stay that way. It interferes with deep sleep, so you don’t get the rest you really need.

Cut down on alcohol before bedtime for a better night’s rest and more energy the following day.

Final Thoughts

A lack of energy makes it harder to concentrate, it makes it harder to maintain your patience, and it keeps you from being motivated to do the things you want to do.

Follow the tips in this article because you can overcome your exhaustion. With these tips, you’ll boost your energy level and feel better every day.

At Apex Personal Training, we care about your overall health and well-being. Start working with one of our personal trainers today to get in shape, train for a race, boost energy, feel better, reduce stress and live a happier life. We’re are to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Berries photo Tiago Faifa on Unsplash